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I'm a postpunk drummer who used to make portraits.
Currently working on a fourth album and a second photobook.

I was educated as a Social Worker and have worked in youth institutions and for the Salvation Army.
Next to my various projects I work as the museum manager of Huis Marseille. You are great. thanks

From 2015 till 2017 I shot portraits of my friends and for various assignments. I have had some of them published in De Groene Amsterdammer, De Volkskrant, Het AD, De Straatkrant and a couple of nice blogs.

I found Govert in two lucky seconds but spent days on his quixotic website.

On a dark corner of the internet he has rewritten the alphabet and the periodical system. He muses on the theoretics of dancing and details abstruse changes to physics, law and language. In his silent second-story apartment he is working on The List of All Things, while at the same time opening up about his own mental struggles and modest dreams; he would like to have a cat someday.

This book consists of a carefully made selection of Goverts writings, lists and ideas. Deeply personal, grandiose and accidentally quite poetic. Please keep it a secret.

Hand bound book in edition of 50 | Written in Dutch. Sold out

64 pages with a further 36 page inlay.Printed in duo colour Riso with screenprinted cover. Designed by Willem Verweijen & Tim Mooij-Knip

The book was launched officially on 16 september 2017 at Butcher's Tears.

Fix Everything is European Post-Punk. I play drums and currently an embroidery machine. Our new album HELLEND VLAK will be released on Geertruida Records in spring 2021.

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From 2005 till 2011 I was part of the band Stairs to Nowhere. An experimental garage-rock outfit which gained a small cult following for a little while.

Collaborating with Martijn Doolaard from DAMP design on almost every project, we created a visual identity for the band using abandoned factories as our canvasses. No photoshop allowed.

Physical albums and merchandise were all hand-painted or screen-printed in editions of 100 till 600. All have sold out now.

We recorded 2 albums and 2 EP's, we burnt pianos and electrocuted each other while singing and played shows in Holland, Belgium and the Ukrain. The last album was released during 4 consecutive shows on our old ship, after which the band split up.

TIJGER SALTO was a hardcore-punk project who played violent shows in bunkers and small venues. Between 2014 and 2015 they released a string of video's, a cassette and an album in the form of a handcrafted beer.

The concept of TIJGER SALTO (all caps) was simple.

Say 'Yes' to everything Make no corrections Yes

I did all video's, artwork and drumming for this project. The style was based on accidents, computer glitches, cheap gear and low-res screenshots superimposed on crudely cropped pictures; mostly made in a single sitting, with no corrections allowed. It was also very 'meta'.

Dries Meinema made a short film about the band and my role as a drummer in it.

Our first and last album was released as a handcrafted speciality beer, of which only 65 bottles where made. The album was sold out and drunken completely on the last TIJGER SALTO show in the Vondelbunker.

TIJGER SALTO resulted in a few after-show hospital visits, permanent hearing damage, a deep scar in my hand and was worth it.

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